Triumph Sports U.S.A. Trio Toss Gets the Kids Happily Out of the House

Tweet I was looking for lawn games to play with the kids when I stumbled across this awesome set. I had played cornhole plenty of times, and had seen ladders and washer toss at a few outdoor gatherings, so I was looking to get one of the three. To my pleasant surprise, this set had […]

little-me Helps Your Little One Gear Up

TweetWhen you are getting ready to have a baby, it is so much fun to find new little outfits, accessories, blankets, and other gear to keep your little one in comfort and style. Going to stores can be fun, but ordering online and getting baby gear shipped directly to your door is even more fun! […]


Kid Camping Gear Makes Camping Fun

TweetTaking the kids camping during the summer is a fun and memorable event that will help to teach them valuable wilderness survival skills. Kids can learn a little more about the surroundings in their local area, learn how to build a fire, and stay away from the screens for a few days while braving the […]


Keep Your Kids Safe with Sunblock

Tweet Summertime is a wonderful time to get outside with your kids and help them appreciate nature and the outdoors. However, the sun is strong and can damage your child’s delicate skin, causing painful burns and putting them at risk for conditions such as cancer later on in life. It’s important to make sure that […]


Enjoy the Summer with Your Children

Tweet When it comes time for summer, I think I get just about as excited as my kids. I remember all of the amazing summers that I had as a child, so I try to make sure that my kids have plenty of great experiences. For this summer, I planned a week at a lake […]


Aveeno Moisturizer Keeps Babies’ Skin Soft Naturally

Tweet Aveeno has been pediatrician recommended for over 60 years and is known to be one of the best brands, even for newborns. I use Aveeno shaving creams, so I know that the quality of Aveeno products is as good as it is made out to be. Other brands may be cheaper, but you get […]


Make Healthy Treats with Tovolo Groovy Ice Pop Molds

Tweet In past years, I have been a little lax when it came to the summertime treats and just let my kids have the inexpensive store-brand ice pops. After reading about the scary additives, copious amounts of sugar, and unhealthy dyes in those pops I decided to do things a little differently this year. To […]


“Half Magic” Inspires Plenty of Summer Fun

Tweet One of my favorite books when I was a kid was Half Magic, by Edward Eager. It was not a highly publicized book, but it was a wondrous book that filled my days and summers thereafter with a little bit of magic. The book was about four children that were oddly aged in exact […]