Graco Pack and Play TotBloc

TweetWith holidays travels coming up, it is a great time to invest in a pack and play to keep babies and toddlers contained and occupied through the chaos of family gatherings. The Graco Pack and Play TotBloc Playard is a simple and affordable solution that is easy to transport. This can save on headaches and […]


How to Form a Closer Bond with Children

TweetStatistics show that when children do not have a strong bond with their father, they are more likely to turn to drugs, become pregnant before they are ready, live in poverty, and commit crimes. Children that have a father figure but are not close are more likely to have low self esteem and are less […]

essential oils for babies

Essential Oils for Babies

TweetIn a previous article we informed you about gripe water which at one point contained enough alcohol that today would be considered child abuse. Once the mystery of this long relied upon elixir was exposed for its potential harm to babies the jig was up! The original recipe has been changed but the spices remain […]

gripe water

Natural Gripe Water

TweetGripe water is a favorite for moms and it’s surprisingly easy to make cheaper at home with no worries of high fructose corn syrup or as we discussed in a previous article, enough booze to supply your neighborhood bars and restaurants! The effectiveness of gripe water has been questioned by medical professionals, they suggest nothing […]


Gripe Water

TweetIf you had a baby before 1982, you probably described your baby as easy, slept well and no teething pain or colic after you gave them a dose of Woodward’s Gripe Water, a product invented by an Englishman in 1851 to help babies with colic and teething. English babies were especially peaceful. Why? Read this […]


Fun Construction Utensils

TweetFor my nephew’s fourth birthday, I bought him this set of construction utensils. As with most boys, he is obsessed with Tonka trucks and anything that can lift things. The set comes with three utensils, a “forklift” fork, a “bulldozer” pusher, and a “front loader” spoon. The grips on these utensils are perfect for his […]


Encourage an Attitude of Gratitude

TweetI recently noticed that my ten-year-old daughter has a decided lack of gratitude. She is not outright rude, and I don’t believe that the lack of gratefulness is intentional, but I don’t like it. I was getting myself a drink, and she asked if I could get her one. I poured her a glass and […]


Thanksgiving with Little Guests

TweetWhen it comes to the day of Thanksgiving, adults are often overwhelmed with preparing the main feast. What many parents forget is that this day can also be overwhelming for the little ones, who may not know the extended family quite as well. Couple awkward meetings with out-of-town cousins and hunger while mom and dad […]