Snowsuits for Kids

TweetWith winter weather sweeping the nation at a rapid pace, it is important to make sure that kids have the proper gear to survive and thrive through the cooler months. A snowsuit is perfect for days outside playing in the wintery mix, helping shovel, or even learning how to ski or snowboard. What better place […]


Parenting a Struggling Student

TweetWhen a child is struggling in school, it is typically revealed through their grades, but not always. Sometimes kids can earn fantastic grades because they feel like they need to, but are exerting every ounce of effort and stressing continually in order to do it. Kids may also reveal frustrations by acting out or shutting […]


K’NEX Star Shooter Coaster Building Set

TweetFor Christmas this year, my son got a K’NEX Star Shooter Coaster Building Set and my daughter and I have been having a blast with it! Forget about the Barbie dolls and Frozen castle, she is totally into building roller coasters now! She says she may want to be a roller coaster-maker when she grows […]


Animal Bath Wraps

TweetNow that the cold weather is here, it can be harder than ever to get kids to take a bath. From the fight to get in, to the fight to get out, the whole ordeal is often a struggle. With chilly temperatures, kids may be even more reluctant to get out of the tub, dragging […]


Healthy Snack Chef Kit

TweetFor Christmas this year, my daughter got the “Healthy Snack Chef kit.” I absolutely love my sister for getting this gift for her, because it combines fun with health. My daughter is not completely averse to trying new things, but like most kids (or adults for that matter) she definitely gravitates more towards pizza and […]


Electronic Readers-Thomas the Train and Disney Princesses

TweetFor Christmas, my mom got my niece and nephew electronic readers and they are the coolest things I’ve ever seen! She bought the Disney Princesses edition for my niece and the Thomas the Train edition for my nephew. These electronic readers are the best thing that I’ve seen so far for learning to read. How […]


Razor Crazy Cart

TweetThe Razor Crazy Cart won the 2014 Toy of the Year Award, so it is the perfect toy for any little boy or girl on your list. At $299, this will be the “big present” of the year in most cases, and is sure to steal the show. The Crazy Cart allows kids to have […]


Milo Glider and Ottoman

TweetWhen it comes to nursery room furniture, most people think only of the baby. While this is to be expected, moms need love, too! Fortunately for me, my husband was on top of his game and surprised my with the Milo Glider and Ottoman after the rest of the nursery had been set up. At […]