Inspire Kids to Think Outside the Blox

TweetOne of the gifts that my wife and I invested in for our ten year old daughter this past Christmas that has gotten the most use is Goldie Blox. This concept is fantastic, and I absolutely got behind it when I heard about it. Of course, all parents want to teach their children about the […]


Franklin Kids Talking Dictionary

TweetWhen I was young, I used the dictionary to find new words and try to figure out the spelling of words that I wasn’t sure how to spell. This always seemed like a paradox to me, because it is very difficult to find a word that you don’t know how to spell. The Franklin Talking […]


Monster High Draculaura Original Basics Doll

TweetMy daughter that is ten is very into Monster High right now. She wants all of the dolls and all of the accessories, as every little girl who is into Monster High does. However, some of these dolls and accessories cost a lot of money. Thankfully, the original basics are not as expensive as some […]


Flexible Flyer Snow Block

TweetWhen I was a child, I always had big dreams of making my own igloo in the winter. Many times I made a sloppy snow wall, but that was about as far as I ever got. I had all but forgotten my childhood desire until this snowy, snowy winter. I saw some pictures online of […]


Peek-a-Blocks for Babies

TweetPeek-a-blocks are perfect for babies. I got a bunch of peek-a-blocks from a friend when I was pregnant with the twins. The twins are now twenty-two months old and have been playing with these blocks for their entire lives! The great thing about peek-a-blocks is that they are safe for very young babies, but are […]


Gym Dandy Teeter Totter

TweetWe aren’t quite there yet, but dreams of spring are floating through our heads and the official first day of spring is tomorrow! With the green grass starting to peek through, we are starting to venture out a little more. With all of these thoughts going on, I started to look at adding to our […]


Geddes Daisy Pens

TweetNow that the snow days have ended and the warmer temperatures are starting to roll in, I have noticed a decided lack of interest in school among my daughter and her friends. When it was time for homework over the winter, she would hunker down and get it done, but as the light stays longer, […]


Just Play Doc McStuffins Get Better Checkup Center Playset

TweetMy sister just got her daughter the Doc McStuffins playset and it is the cutest thing! The girls can “heal” their stuffed animals and dolls, just like Doc McStuffins does on the Disney show. In the show, whenever six-year-old Dottie McStuffins puts on her stethoscope, the dolls and toys come to life and she can […]