“What Chefs Feed Their Kids” Book

Tweet Any parent that has struggled with picky eaters has surely asked themselves how people can get their kids to try things like kale chips and sushi. This book, “What Chefs Feed Their Kids” attempts to help parents get to the bottom of how chefs and others get their kids to expand their palates-and how […]


The Little Mermaid Still Delights

Tweet My young niece watched The Little Mermaid for the first time over the weekend and absolutely loved it. At four, she has seen Frozen and the regular rigmarole, but she had never seen that particular movie. She sang along with all of the songs and I was psyched to be able to sing right […]


My Siblings and My Pal Dolls

Tweet My Siblings and My Pal Dolls are beautiful dolls for children, but they each come with an important message and a roll to play. The focus of the company that creates the dolls is to increase social awareness regarding the environment and the treatment of their peers. Each doll comes with a booklet that […]


The Land of Nod

Tweet If you are about to have a baby or have just had a baby, you most likely want the most unique and adorable furnishings possible for their playroom. The Land of Nod can fill both counts and bring your new and exciting furnishings and accessories right to your door so you do not have […]


Skip Hop Zoobrellas

Tweet My niece and I were shopping at the mall the other day when I stumbled upon one of the cutest contraptions that I have ever seen. Called a “Zoobrella” and retailed at Nordstroms and other upscale stores, these adorable umbrellas feature different animal faces on different colored umbrellas. Needless to say, I bought my […]


Mountain Series Day Tripper Medical Kit by Adventure Medical Kits

Tweet When you are taking the kids on a hiking or camping trip, it is important to make sure that you are prepared in case of accidents and injuries, whether they are big or small. A Mountain Series Day Tripper Medical Kit is light and compact, so it can fit easily in a back pack […]


Share Your Interests with Your Child

Tweet I used to worry that I didn’t have anything in common with my daughter. I just couldn’t get into the things that she liked. The dolls, the young girl shows, the girly clothes and things. I would laugh with her when she came in to watch my shows, but I just couldn’t sit through […]


Goodnites Disposable Bed Mats

Tweet About one out of every nine kids in the United States has an issue with either regularly or occasionally wetting the bed. The problem can be very embarrassing for children, as they wake up day after day with wet sheets and uncomfortable bed clothes. Unfortunately, many parents don’t understand the problem and don’t know […]