Swim Outlet Gets You Geared Up for Summer

TweetWith the weather being warm enough to go swimming in most parts of the country, it is time to get some new swimwear for the kids if you haven’t already. Instead of going through the hassle of going to a retail store or mall to pick up new swimsuits and apparel, you can now save […]


Swimways Soft Swimmies Make Learning to Swim Easier

Tweet Summer is fast approaching and now is the time to start thinking about water activities and how to make them safer. It’s definitely best to be on top of the swim gear so that the gear is readily available when it comes time. Nothing is more devastating to a child than not being able […]


3 Tips for Building a Good Daddy/Daughter Relationship

Tweet Parenting can be tricky, especially when you are clueless about the things that interest your child. The daddy/daughter relationship can be especially challenging, because many dads don’t even know where to start when it comes to dolls, girly cartoons, dresses, and the like. While this is not true of all relationships, all daddy/daughter relationships […]


Munchkin Mist Baby Wipe Warmer

TweetWhen I was a new mom, I used to feel so bad when I was changing my daughter’s diaper. After baring her bum, I could see she was already uncomfortable, and then I would have to wipe her with those oh-so-cold baby wipes. It seems like no matter where you store them, the darn things […]


Make Mealtimes More Fun

TweetBefore I had a daughter, I thought that picky eaters were made, not born. I came from a big family and my mom was definitely the “clear your plate” type. My siblings and I all had no problem trying and enjoying a variety of foods, many of them healthy. I saw my friends have trouble […]


Disney’s Animated Film Bolt

TweetMy daughter and I recently discovered an animated film that is a few years old, but no less adorable and fun to watch. Bolt is voiced by John Travolta, so it took me right back to the “Look Who’s Talking” days of my youth. The sweet characters are animals with a lot of heart and […]


Perplexus Toys for Fun and Learning

TweetA few weeks ago, I took my daughter to Toy R Us to use up some gift cards that were still left from Christmas and she bought this incredible looking toy that I had never seen or heard of. The Perplexus is kind of a trumped up version of those simple two dimensional mazes that […]


Playhut Ball Pit

TweetI got this ball pit for my nephew’s third birthday and he absolutely loves it! The tent is small, but large enough for him and a friend to climb into. The tent pops up to about 34 inches high, 30 inches wide, and 30 inches long. It doesn’t take up much of his room and […]