To Start Making Your Own Baby Food, You Will Need One of These 4 Gadgets

TweetMaking your own baby food can save you money will helping you ensure that your child isn’t getting a dose of sugar or chemicals with their food. Baby food can be made easily using many of the fruits and vegetables that you already have in your home, or you can look up recipes to make […]

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4 Items That Can Help Your Kids Stay Safe at the Beach This Summer

TweetWhen you are heading out to the beach with your kids this summer, you will no doubt grab sand buckets, a cooler with drinks and snacks, towels, and swimsuits. While all of these items can assist with having a good time, it is important not to overlook the items that can help keep your kids […]

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4 Ways to Make This the Best Summer Ever for Your Boys

TweetGo Somewhere New No matter your budget or means, it is possible to take your boys somewhere new this summer. There may be a local mountain they have not hiked or a museum full or historical artifacts that might pique their interest. You may be able to take them to a place that doesn’t seem […]

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4 Bath Toys You Should NOT Give Your Child

TweetMy mother was strictly against bath toys, believing that there was no need for additional entertainment in the tub. When given a bath toy by a well-meaning relative, my sister injured herself by sitting on the sharp toy, not being used to having any toys in the tub. Due to these issues, I have always […]


Never Order These 4 Kids’ Meals from a Restaurant

TweetKids meals may seem like an inexpensive way to sate the masses in a pinch. However, some kids meals come with unexpected surprises – and not the good kind. You may be unintentionally giving your child many more calories and fat than they should be consuming in one sitting, or even a meal that’s been […]

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3 Awesome Books to Read Your Toddler at Bedtime

TweetWhen it is time for bed, one of the best things you can do for your toddler is to read him or her a bedtime story. It may take time for your child to actually begin to really pay attention and care about the stories, but don’t be discouraged, hearing your voice and knowing you […]

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Make Your Backyard Into a Playground with These 3 Awesome Playsets

TweetWith spring in full swing, it is the perfect time to invest a playset to make your backyard into a haven that your kids have dreamed about. Getting an amazing playset can help make your spring and summer better and may even save you money as your kids delight in getting up every day to […]


Add One of These 4 Adorable Lamps to Make Your Nursery Super Cozy

TweetButterfly Box Light A box light is a beautiful and classy addition to any nursery. The lighting from a box lamp is low. The box is cut just right using lasers to allow some light to shine through and illuminate the cute scenes and exuberant characters. You can find box lights on Etsy to accent […]

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Your Children Can Supplement Their Nutrition with These 3 Yummy Vitamins

TweetWe all try to feed our kids healthy, but sometimes Junior is not having it. Kids can be picky, especially when it comes to things like green veggies. Of course, we want to make sure that our kids receive adequate nutrition in spite of their preferences and aversions. This is where vitamin supplements can be […]


3 Spring Activities That You Can Share with Your Kids

TweetSpring is a great time to get outside and have some fun with your kids! You know you want to get out into the fresh air, so why not share the experience with your favorite littles? Spending time in the outdoors with you can give your kids some experience and knowledge that they may not […]

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If Your Child Hates Bath Time, Try These 4 Tips

TweetGet a Bath Time Visor Getting water and soap in your eyes hurts! Many kids experience the stinging burn of having water or soap in their eyes and decide that bath time is not in the cards anymore. It is difficult as a parent to properly rinse your tot’s hair out without risking getting soap […]

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Make Toddler Mealtimes Easier with These 3 Fun Stickable Dishes

TweetToddler mealtimes can be messy and frustrating when your toddler is getting acclimated to eating on his or her own. There is nothing worse than getting a meal together, only to watch it get immediately dumped all over your kitchen floor. Instead of fighting with your toddler or spoon feeding him or her until Kindergarten, […]


3 Animal Movies That’ll Make You Laugh, Cry and Love Your Pets Forever

TweetWith “The Secret Lives of Pets” being released in July and trailers for the movie being placed in front of many of my daughter’s favorites, she is fanatical about seeing the movie. We just recently got a dog, so she is also all about pets and animals in general right now. For our movie time […]


4 Fat Brain Toys That Sneak Learning Into Play

TweetFat Brain Toys is committed to providing children high quality toys that are both entertaining and educational. Fat Brain Toys are not violent and are made in the United States. Fat Brain has won awards for its awesome toys. There are thousands of toys available, but here is a small sampling to inspire you and […]