The Giving Tree Lessons

Tweet In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I checked out The Giving Tree from the library for my daughter. I love Shel Silverstein and wanted to share this wonderful classic. The meaning behind The Giving Tree is controversial, but I prefer to think of it in the most optimistic way possible. The tree gives all it […]


Favorite Toys of the 2015 Holiday Season

Tweet The holiday season is quickly approaching and it’s time to get the kiddies all of their favorites! There are some fun toys that have been introduced and some that have filtered up to the top of the list that have been around forever. Keep these in mind during the holiday rush to keep the […]


Changing Tables from Wayfair

Tweet Changing tables can be so much more than just a place to change the baby. Changing tables can be elegant pieces that can help you to keep the room organized and beautiful. Changing tables come in many different shapes and sizes and cater to your preferences when it comes to things like having open […]


Hiking Gear for Kids

Tweet It is a great time to go hiking with kids. The temperatures are a little cool, so it won’t be quite such a miserable endeavor and there is some good foliage and plenty of wildlife to see in many places. Before you and your family hit the trails, though, don’t forget to make sure […]


Keep Kids Safe with Lights on Halloween

Tweet Parents worry about strangers and candy on Halloween, but the real danger is vehicular. About six children die on average each Halloween after being struck by vehicles. Strobing lights on lawns, dark Halloween costumes, and increases in traffic all contribute to the dangers. Studies have found that teens are just as susceptible to being […]


Getting Ready for Halloween with Kids

Tweet Our family has been getting ready for Halloween for about three weeks now. By this I mean that I have hung lights, my wife has put some kitschy Pinterest-style decorations up all over the house, and my kids have stressed incessantly about what they are going to be for Halloween. I have done my […]


Foam Soap Makes Tub Time Fun

Tweet Bath time was becoming a struggle, so I got a little creative this past week. I had gotten Mr. Bubble foam soap for the bath. I had also seen a foam soap activity on a blog that I wanted to try. Since the previous few bath times had been a scuffle replete with crying, […]


“What Chefs Feed Their Kids” Book

Tweet Any parent that has struggled with picky eaters has surely asked themselves how people can get their kids to try things like kale chips and sushi. This book, “What Chefs Feed Their Kids” attempts to help parents get to the bottom of how chefs and others get their kids to expand their palates-and how […]