Make the Most of a Snow Day

Tweet When winter weather hits, it can be a major upset to your plans. Work and school is often cancelled, so you suddenly have a whole day to fill with the kiddos. Snow days are often announced at the very last minute, so everyone is bound to be dressed and ready to go for the […]


What Do You Do If You Child Won’t Potty Train?

Tweet Potty training is a change of life that every child handles differently. While one child may potty train easily and young, another may stubbornly insist on staying in diapers until well past the “acceptable” phase of diapers. When your child starts attending daycare or preschool, this can turn into a serious problem. With my […]


Soft Silicone Bibs for Babies and Toddlers

Tweet Cloth bibs can be a hassle. The cloth is often cheap and becomes stiff and uncomfortable after babies use the bibs just a few times. The cloth bibs are also fitted for certain sizes, so with fast growing babies, you may only get a few uses from each bib. This can become costly and […]


ET the Extra-Terrestrial

Tweet One of my favorite movies as a child was ET the Extra-Terrestrial and this movie is still delighting children. The warmth and good feelings that you get watching this movie are just amazing and bring us back to a very simple time before all of the technology. It is also a trip seeing a […]


Kidcraft Play Sets Spark Imagination

Tweet Play sets have been around forever, but they are still amazing to children. Play sets generally come with a kitchen set up, some dishes, and some “food.” I have been looking around for a play set to get my toddler and Kidcraft seems to have some of the best. There are many different styles, […]


Decorate Your Baby Nursery with Etsy

Tweet The way that your baby’s nursery is decorated can have an impact on whether your baby is over or under stimulated, their mood, and other emotional and mental factors. Most likely, you also want to make sure their room is tastefully decorated so that it looks appealing to you and your family and brightens […]


Spider-Man Snow Boots Can Make Your Child’s Winter

Tweet With much of the East coast having experienced the first snowfall of the year today, thoughts will inevitably begin turning to getting new snow gear for the winter. You may have just busted out the boots from last year and realized that they don’t fit or have begun to fray. Or you may simply […]


Decorate Safely with Toddlers

Tweet Toddlers can make holiday decorating difficult. Little hands and curious minds combined with glass balls and sharp corners on ornaments can equal disaster. If you have a toddler in your house, it may be best to stash away the family heirlooms for a few years or put them up in high places for the […]


Creating a Merry Christmas After a Separation

Tweet Christmas after a separation does not have to be a difficult time. While the traditions will invariably change if you have been with your spouse every Christmas before this one, you have the opportunity to create new and wonderful traditions that your child will appreciate. In some cases, this may help you to form […]


Are Cloth Diapers Right for You?

Tweet With my daughter, I always used disposable diapers. I had briefly heard about cloth diapers, but discounted them as some new-agey fad. Fast forward to a few years later and I have started to become a little bit of a crunchy mama. I don’t live in the woods in a tent and I obviously […]


Should You Breastfeed Your Baby?

Tweet Breastfeeding is strongly recommended by many medical authorities. Breast milk is a perfect meal for babies. Breast milk contains all of the nutrients that babies need to survive and also provides antibodies. The decision to breastfeed or not to breastfeed is ultimately up to the mother, however. No two situations are exactly alike and […]


The Giving Tree Lessons

Tweet In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I checked out The Giving Tree from the library for my daughter. I love Shel Silverstein and wanted to share this wonderful classic. The meaning behind The Giving Tree is controversial, but I prefer to think of it in the most optimistic way possible. The tree gives all it […]


Favorite Toys of the 2015 Holiday Season

Tweet The holiday season is quickly approaching and it’s time to get the kiddies all of their favorites! There are some fun toys that have been introduced and some that have filtered up to the top of the list that have been around forever. Keep these in mind during the holiday rush to keep the […]


Changing Tables from Wayfair

Tweet Changing tables can be so much more than just a place to change the baby. Changing tables can be elegant pieces that can help you to keep the room organized and beautiful. Changing tables come in many different shapes and sizes and cater to your preferences when it comes to things like having open […]


Hiking Gear for Kids

Tweet It is a great time to go hiking with kids. The temperatures are a little cool, so it won’t be quite such a miserable endeavor and there is some good foliage and plenty of wildlife to see in many places. Before you and your family hit the trails, though, don’t forget to make sure […]


Keep Kids Safe with Lights on Halloween

Tweet Parents worry about strangers and candy on Halloween, but the real danger is vehicular. About six children die on average each Halloween after being struck by vehicles. Strobing lights on lawns, dark Halloween costumes, and increases in traffic all contribute to the dangers. Studies have found that teens are just as susceptible to being […]