4 Awesome Lunch Bags to Make Back to School More Fun

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It’s back to school time, which may be exciting for parents, but is usually a little less exciting for kids. New school supplies may seem exciting, but are often just a reminder of all the work that lies ahead. Lunchtime, though, is a chance to take a break from the day and connect with friends. Having an awesome lunch box can give kids something to talk about and feel pride in when enjoying one of their favorite times of day. Check out these cool lunch boxes that may make going back to school just a bit more fun.

Color a Kitty Lunch Box

color in kitty

A lunch box that can be colored on is a fun lunch box! This one comes with little feet and ears and a pack of permanent markers for coloring. The base colors of the lunch box are orange and yellow, too, for even more playfulness. If your child is artistic, he or she may love going to school every day with the lunch box that they colored.

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