4 Bath Toys You Should NOT Give Your Child

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how to order prednisone taper My mother was strictly against bath toys, believing that there was no need for additional entertainment in the tub. When given a bath toy by a well-meaning relative, my sister injured herself by sitting on the sharp toy, not being used to having any toys in the tub. Due to these issues, I have always been a little leery of bath toys. I have given in and allowed some toys, but I’ve avoided the following toys to keep my kids safe.

Toys with Sharp Parts

tub boat

Toy ships and even some dolls may have parts that can be sharp if a child inadvertently sits on them or nudges up against them in the tub. For best results, stick to tub toys that are soft and squishy. Hard toys can get buried in bubble baths and cause boo-boos.

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