Awful Lessons Kids Can Learn from Old Disney Movies

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Disney movies may seem like harmless time passers, but some instill truly awful lessons. These are often buried in a medley of singing and colorful characters, so they can be hard to spot. Your children may end up taking the lessons to heart, though, so watch out! Making Questionable Deals Is Okay Sometimes -The Little Mermaid The Little Mermaid has any number of … [Read more...]

3 Appliances That Every Nursery Needs

Diaper Pail The Diaper Genie is the most popular diaper pail, but every nursery should have a diaper pail that holds plenty of diapers and contains the smell. Kids go through a lot of diapers quickly, especially multiples, so having a pail that will not stink up the house or need to be emptied every single day can really make life easier. Try to find one with a hands free … [Read more...]

4 Supplies Every Kid Should Have to Start the New School Year

It’s almost that time, when parents have to break out the checkbook and play a guessing game featuring school supplies. Some supplies may vary slightly depending on the grade that the child is in and the specific school and programs, but there are a few basics that are pretty standard. Every child should at least have the following four items when the start of the school year … [Read more...]