Mommy’s Helper Contoured Cushy Step-Up

my response By Leave a Comment After fussing with potty chairs for a little while, my girls have begun to insist that they want to use the regular toilet. The potty chair is a hassle for all of us, as it of course needs to be cleaned out after each use or else it begins to smell very quickly. Since there are two girls and one potty chair, this makes it difficult, because they sometimes have to go right after … [Read more...]

Edushape Rolliphant Toddler Toy

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My girls have gone back and forth on bath time, with one seeming to hate it while the other one loves it. Recently the girls switched this dynamic and the one that decided bath time is the pits is really making a stink. Threats and tears only go so far, so I decided it was time to try some bribery. Enter the Edushape Rolliphant toy. The name caught my eye because it sounds like … [Read more...]

Ginsey Sesame Street Potty Training Reward Kit

We are still working on potty training the twins, who will be two soon. We haven’t pushed them with any consistency, but we have made some strides. There is a step-up available so that they can reach the real potty chair, and sometimes they will tell us if they are ready to go. We have a potty training video in rotation, and that influenced my decision to get this potty … [Read more...]