Showing Kids the Joys of Planting

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doxylab price I have been seeing memes on social media that say things like “All schools should teach kids how to grow food, because food is kind of important.” I wholeheartedly agree with the sentiment, but I think that it is important that kids receive the message at home as well. Food is important and there is no reason that we should wait on schools to teach kids the benefits of having … [Read more...]

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School Lunch Debate

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azulfidine non prescription The recently implemented criteria for school lunches has sparked a nationwide controversy that has some parents and kids feeling that changes need to be made, while others feel that the requirements were long past due. Children have taken to posting pictures of school lunches on social media to show the small size and unappetizing appearance of many of the different meals that … [Read more...]

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Parenting a Struggling Student

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calcium carbonate prices 2015 When a child is struggling in school, it is typically revealed through their grades, but not always. Sometimes kids can earn fantastic grades because they feel like they need to, but are exerting every ounce of effort and stressing continually in order to do it. Kids may also reveal frustrations by acting out or shutting down. There are many ways to help children that are … [Read more...]

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