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How Reading the Hobbit to Your Child Might Change Their Life

The Hobbit was written for children and is wonderfully worded so that it works well when read by a parent for a child. The book is interesting enough and clean enough to be read to kids as young as six, although it may get tedious at some points for that age group. The hobbit has been named over and over again as a book that has changed people’s lives. Here are a few ways that … [Read more...]

3 Awesome Books to Read Your Toddler at Bedtime

When it is time for bed, one of the best things you can do for your toddler is to read him or her a bedtime story. It may take time for your child to actually begin to really pay attention and care about the stories, but don’t be discouraged, hearing your voice and knowing you are doing something for them is reassuring. Over time, the little lessons in some stories may stick … [Read more...]