Make the Most of a Snow Day

her latest blog By Leave a Comment When winter weather hits, it can be a major upset to your plans. Work and school is often cancelled, so you suddenly have a whole day to fill with the kiddos. Snow days are often announced at the very last minute, so everyone is bound to be dressed and ready to go for the day. Take advantage of this unexpected day off to spend some quality time with the kids. Build a … [Read more...]

Creating a Merry Christmas After a Separation

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Christmas after a separation does not have to be a difficult time. While the traditions will invariably change if you have been with your spouse every Christmas before this one, you have the opportunity to create new and wonderful traditions that your child will appreciate. In some cases, this may help you to form an even stronger bond than you may have had with your child … [Read more...]

Getting Ready for Halloween with Kids

Our family has been getting ready for Halloween for about three weeks now. By this I mean that I have hung lights, my wife has put some kitschy Pinterest-style decorations up all over the house, and my kids have stressed incessantly about what they are going to be for Halloween. I have done my best to steer clear up until this point, but with just one weekend left before … [Read more...]