4 Supplies Every Kid Should Have to Start the New School Year

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It’s almost that time, when parents have to break out the checkbook and play a guessing game featuring school supplies. Some supplies may vary slightly depending on the grade that the child is in and the specific school and programs, but there are a few basics that are pretty standard. Every child should at least have the following four items when the start of the school year … [Read more...]

To Start Making Your Own Baby Food, You Will Need One of These 4 Gadgets

Making your own baby food can save you money will helping you ensure that your child isn’t getting a dose of sugar or chemicals with their food. Baby food can be made easily using many of the fruits and vegetables that you already have in your home, or you can look up recipes to make some highly nutritious foods that your baby will love. To get started, get one of these … [Read more...]

These 4 Gardening Supplies Will Get Your Kids Psyched Up for Planting Season

Kids Gardening Bag of Garden Tools You can get this bag of gardening tools at Home Depot for about $12 and it will last season after season, if you and your kids take care of it. The kit comes with a shovel, a trowel, a flower pot, garden gloves, and a bag to store it all. The tools all have an adorable frog theme that will help kids to feel like they have their own … [Read more...]