3 Appliances That Every Nursery Needs

Diaper Pail The Diaper Genie is the most popular diaper pail, but every nursery should have a diaper pail that holds plenty of diapers and contains the smell. Kids go through a lot of diapers quickly, especially multiples, so having a pail that will not stink up the house or need to be emptied every single day can really make life easier. Try to find one with a hands free … [Read more...]

Make Your Nursery Comfortable for you and Baby with One of These Throw Rugs

Furnishing the nursery is one of the most exciting parts about expecting and you want to make it as cozy as possible for both yourself and your new arrival. You will be spending lots of time in there and your baby will be crawling around on the floor, so it makes sense to get the comfiest flooring possible. Plush throw rugs can add flair while making the nursery your own little … [Read more...]