4 Benefits of Stuffed Animal Toys for Kids

Stuffed animals are something that pretty much every kid has. Some kids may even get attached to certain stuffed animals and carry them for years. While stuffed animals may seem like nothing more than a toy, there are actually a few benefits to letting kids have stuffed animals. Can Help with Learning Language While kids are learning to speak, they are sometimes … [Read more...]

4 Outdoor Games You and Kids Just Have To Try

Bean Bag Toss AKA Cornhole Cornhole is the lawn game of the moment for kids and adults alike. The game can be found at many department stores, toy stores, and online outlets. The game consists of two boards with a single hole cut in the center, with legs on one side of each board to prop them up and six small bean bags. The boards are spaced a length apart and each team … [Read more...]

Make Your Backyard Into a Playground with These 3 Awesome Playsets

With spring in full swing, it is the perfect time to invest a playset to make your backyard into a haven that your kids have dreamed about. Getting an amazing playset can help make your spring and summer better and may even save you money as your kids delight in getting up every day to play in their very own backyard instead of pressuring you to take them somewhere else that … [Read more...]