Creating Christmas Memories

daddy-daughter-snowChristmas is a uniquely perfect time for dads of all walks of life to have a great bonding experience with their children. No matter how much money you make, how far away you may live, or what the situation may be, there is something that everyone can do to make those special memories with their children at this time of year.

My daughter grew up in Florida, where I live now, but most of my family lives in Connecticut. Every year, my wife and I usually have my daughter, father, and stepmother over for Christmas about a week ahead of the actual day because of my job. This is a great time, and we make sure to make it special with plenty of presents and good food, and we cap it off with a Christmas movie. While this is fun, I am delighted to really be able to share Christmas this year with my daughter. My wife and I are taking her to Connecticut for Christmas. Both of our families are large and almost all of our family members (minus my dad and stepmom of course) live in Connecticut, so we have everything from pictures with the family to a visit with Santa Claus on Christmas Eve lined up.

Dreaming of a White Christmas

For my daughter, this will be her very first experience with an actual white Christmas. She is ten, so she may be a little unprepared for the chill, but she is going to be delighted by the wonder of it. She is in love with magic and beautiful scenery, and I just cannot wait to see her face when she gazes upon the landscape. There will be hot chocolate, snow men, and so much love to go around. This is going to be one epic Christmas.

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