Feed Your Children Well

kid-eating-healthyWhen figuring out New Year’s resolutions, many people plan out healthy, wholesome meals for themselves and then feed their children macaroni and cheese and pizza. This is not fair for anyone as it can cause health problems, a lowered immune system, and gets children used to unhealthy habits that may stick with them throughout their lifetime. If your children are very young, you can help to avoid the dreaded “picky” eating by subjecting them to a variety of foods, especially copious amounts of fruits and vegetables. This may not stick forever, as most children go through phases of not liking certain foods, but you will be sure to have a variety of options available when selecting meals.

Involve Kids in the Process

If your children are not very young, or have already set into picky ways, you can still work to expose them to new and healthier options. Instead of planning separate meals, talk to them and find out what they will eat. Chances are there are at least two or three vegetables that they enjoy and a few different kinds of fruit. If you know they like sweeter foods, experiment with sweeter options, such as stir fries. Some options can be made healthier but can still be tasty, such as oven-baked fresh French fries tossed in olive oil. Talk to them throughout the planning and preparing so that when the meal is done it is not being forced unwanted upon them. Children do not respond well to being forced to eat something, it can actually instill poor associations with the food, and be detrimental to your cause. If possible, even take them grocery shopping and let them help you to select ingredients to drum up enthusiasm. Make the whole process fun, an adventure to be taken on together, and it will increase the chances of successfully revamping the family’s diet.

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