Girl Scouts and Cookies

girl-scoutsSo, my favorite part about having daughters is Girl Scout cookies. Just kidding, those things are darn good, though! We just got ours in about a week ago, and they are nearly gone already. We love the coconut caramel ones the best, but some of the others are tasty, too. We usually get about six boxes every time. I like the idea of Girl Scout cookies, because selling the cookies teaches little girls good lessons.

First, selling Girl Scout cookies teaches everyone patience. No one can have any Girl Scout cookies when they are ordered; absolutely everyone has to wait a few weeks. Of course, once the cookies are released for the year, they are sold in front of grocery stores and other places. Until then, though, everyone must be patient. This is an elusive lesson in this time of smartphones and technology. Delayed gratification is not as common as it once was, and everyone could use a lesson in patience.

Selling Girl Scouts cookies also teaches young girls to interact with people for business. The girls must make sure people fill out the form properly and keep all of the money together for the cookies. These are good lessons in responsibility and courteous interaction. Of course, parents should help and make sure that no one’s money gets lost, but parents should also allow the girls to take the responsibility for most of this, and coach as needed.

Girl Scout Lessons

Besides the lessons learned from selling the cookies, Girl Scouts teaches girls lessons about strength, kindness, and leadership. One of my favorite credos that I’ve heard my daughter say is, “Always leave everything better than you found it.” At first, I related this to cleaning up after yourself, but it dawned on me that cleaning up after yourself is only leaving things as you found them, not better. This credo can be related to everything in life, and will help little girls grow into resourceful, conscientious women.

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