Inspire Kids to Think Outside the Blox

goldie-bloxOne of the gifts that my wife and I invested in for our ten year old daughter this past Christmas that has gotten the most use is Goldie Blox. This concept is fantastic, and I absolutely got behind it when I heard about it. Of course, all parents want to teach their children about the things that interest them, and many feel that this opportunity is limited when the child is of the opposite gender. It need not be that way, though, and Goldieblox is one company that is helping to encourage the crossing of gender lines. Goldie Blox creates builder sets that encourage girls to take an interest in engineering. I love to build, and have written previous posts about building Lego creations with my daughters, even when they were fifteen months old or so.

Building Together and Bonding

Goldie Blox goes beyond the simple Lego constructs to teach girls about how mechanisms work and movement can be made possible based on the way things are constructed. The set comes with books that tell inspiring stories, as well as a peg board and plenty of building materials. Emma loves this set so far. She and I have spent hours building different constructs found in the instructions, on the website, and from our imaginations. I love the closeness that it brings when we successfully create a new build. Her mom is not excluded from these building endeavors, although she often watches the younger girls while we play. We don’t allow them to build with these yet, as some of the small pieces could be easily gobbled up. Emma takes good care of her toys, though, so I can see her teaching her sisters how to use these toys when they get a little older.

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