Products That Can Help You Keep the Smell of Dirty Diapers Down

Dirty diapers are an inevitable thing when you have babies, but the smell does not have to take over your life. While the smell will obviously be present when you change the baby, certain products can help you to keep the smell down at other times. Of course, diligence in cleaning is necessary, but these products may help to decrease your work load at least a little.

Arm and Hammer Diaper Pail


Arm and Hammer baking soda has been a trick that people have used for years to eliminate the odors of diapers in the trash, so an Arm and Hammer Diaper Pail just makes sense. The Arm and Hammer diaper pail twists the liner each time it is opened, which helps to trap the odors from the previous diapers. There is also a seal on the top that you push the diaper through, keeping more odors sealed away. To make the whole thing work just a little better, there is also a dome shaped container on the bottom of the pail that you put some baking soda in.

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