Rainy Day Blues

legosThis past Saturday, it was rainy and cold in our corner of the world. I happened to have the day off, so it was me and the girls on our own. It was a day that stories like the cat-in-the-hat are made of, but with one bored daddy as well as rainy-drizzled kids. We all wanted to do something and nothing all at the same time. After the morning mayhem was over and the afternoon started to drag on, the kids shows and songs were getting monotonous so I began looking for something to do that might engage all of us. Emma let me know that board games would be bor-ing and besides, the twins are too young to play. So we went to the toy box to investigate.

Legos to the Rescue!

We have all kinds of Legos, I was thrilled to find. It is a wonder that I have not sat down and built cities with Emma by now, as we were both enthralled. There are even big Legos for the twins. They were all so excited all of a sudden!  Even the twins were helping each other stack Legos. Emma and I built houses, people, animals. It was one of the most fun days that we have had in a while. I turned off the kiddie music and put on some Spanish music, and they all started grooving while they built. It was relaxing and bonding, and I feel like they all took something from it. Building with Legos really takes patience and focus, and I know most of the activities that they do don’t encourage those traits. I will definitely be getting into the Legos more often with the kids, it really brought back the memories while teaching them something valuable.

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