Sip-and-See: The New Alternative to Traditional Baby Showers?

Sip and See

Some expectant moms are swapping the traditional baby shower for something new – the “Sip and See,” a post-birth party held in the baby’s first month of life. The “sip and see” allows guests to “sip” tea, coffee, soda, Mimosas – whatever beverage of choice is offered, and “see” the baby for whom they’ve bought onesies, booties and blankets.

The “Sip and See” is gaining popularity because, let’s face it ladies, friends and family want to see the baby! They’re more likely to travel a long distance to bring Mom a stork paper-wrapped high-tech baby monitor or breast pump if they’re going to get to get a dose of newborn cuddle time. It’s also a great option for second and third time moms who maybe don’t need a shower, but want to show off their new cherub.

We figure that the “Sip and See” is the brainstorm of a clever party planner or caterer as an alternative to the baby shower, which is not typically a catered event. Plus, some eight- or nine-months pregnant Moms would probably prefer to wait for the “Sip and See” than drag herself and her swollen eight-months-pregnant feet to a baby shower at a time when she’d rather be sleeping in an air-conditioned cave close to a bathroom and ice cream supply.

Greeting card companies offer some adorable “sip and see” invitations for party planners, some of which double as birth announcements!

Etiquette rules, which are well established for baby showers, seem to be still in the making on the “Sip and See.” For instance, the Mother-to-be is never the hostess of her own baby shower – those are thrown for Mom by a friend or relative. However the “Sip and See” seems to be something the new parents are expected to organize and pay for, which may appeal to new parents who have their hands full and enough expenses as it is. Catering companies in particular are soliciting parents-to-be with “Sip and See” menus and themes. There is also the question of how many people the new parents want breathing on their precious newborn in one afternoon.

Have you ever been to a “Sip and See,” or considered having one yourself? If so, tell us about it. Or simply share your thoughts on this new trend.


  1. i like this idea, but i feel like the mom would miss out on ALOT of gifts without a traditional baby shower.

  2. What an adorable idea! I know I want to see the baby who takes my money LOL

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