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More Info Cloth diapers are better for the environment and can be gentler on your baby’s skin. Cloth diapers can also save a considerable amount of money compared to disposable diapers. The image of cloth diapers being a disgusting mess to clean intimidates many, but can be mitigated by modern innovations, such as the flushable liner. The following are a few cloth diapers that are easy … [Read more...]

Are Cloth Diapers Right for You?

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With my daughter, I always used disposable diapers. I had briefly heard about cloth diapers, but discounted them as some new-agey fad. Fast forward to a few years later and I have started to become a little bit of a crunchy mama. I don’t live in the woods in a tent and I obviously have internet access, but I have started to think about what kind of an impact the waste that my … [Read more...]