These 4 First Aid Products Should Be In Your Medicine Cabinet

Every parent knows that kids are prone to minor accidents and ailments. Instead of rushing a child off to the hospital every time he or she skins a knee or gets a sliver, it is important to have a handful of supplies at the ready to treat these issues so that your bundle of joy can go right back to playing and being a kid. Certain supplies are needed more often and are more important than others, however. Make sure that you always have the following on hand.

A Variety of Band-Aids

band aids

Band-Aid makes a huge variety of durable bandages in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles to cover all of your child’s boo-boos. The bright colors and different patterns make them fun for kids, so they will be less stubborn about putting them on when they have a wound to cover. Make sure that you always have a good supply on hand, because Band-Aids are something that you need spur of the moment.

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