Yard Work with the Kids

Now that the leaves are starting to fall, chances are there is a lot of yard work to do. Instead of struggling to get the leaves raked and summer gardens cleaned up while the kids stay inside saying they are bored, bring them out and show them how to rake. It can become a fun family project in no time. Even little kids will get a thrill out of being given a task to help daddy. There are also tons of things that can be done with raked leaves, and this can turn a chore into a good time in no time. Scarecrows and Halloween decorations can be stuffed with leaves to fill them up. As long as everyone is helping clean back up, nothing is more reminiscent of childhood in the fall than jumping into a big leaf pile.

With very little effort, yard work time can become bonding time. While the kids, you, and mom help each other put the last of the leaves into old pairs of jeans for scarecrows, there are sure to be smiles. Play some music and make a time of it. It is great exercise for the whole family, and gets the fam out into the sun and fresh air. It will also teach the kids about responsibility and how chores become easy and even fun when everyone pitches in. It can also help to dash the idea of gender roles and who has what job as everyone works and plays together. Although the kids may start off grudgingly when they are told they have to help with yard work, attitude is everything. Give them a smile and a big wink, and then jump into the leaf pile yourself!

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